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Welcome to the WRPN Women's International Film Festival, where distribution and feedback opportunities abound for films made by women, or films that carry subject matter relating to concerns particular to women's issues. WWIFF is a sister festival to the Depth of Field International Film Festival, a FilmFreeway “Top 100 Reviewed” festival alumni.

Distribution: over the years, our sister festivals have sent hundreds of films and screenplays to 3 established Distribution companies who have already signed contracts with dozens of our filmmakers. WWIFF now operates with that same advantage! These distributors do not take unsolicited submissions: Your top award with WWIFF gets you into our private distributor review group. This is a Free Service provided exclusively to our top winners.

Don’t forget Feedback: The one element most festivals ignore.

Instead of paying submission fees and getting nothing in return, everyone who submits to the WRPN Women's International Film Festival competition (WWIFF.COM) will receive either one of two benefits:
1): your film is already competition calibre, and receives ‘Official Selection’ status OR
2): you will receive a letter outlining exactly what it is about your film that is keeping it from being accepted.

Giving you the chance to make corrections to your film:
-    Helps you to improve your product and its marketability
-    Enhances your ability to win/be accepted at other fests besides ours.
Dates & Deadlines
April 7, 2023
Opening Date
April 30, 2023
Earlybird Deadline
May 31, 2023
Regular Deadline
June 30, 2023
Late Deadline
July 31, 2023
Extended Deadline
September 30, 2023
Last Chance
October 15, 2023
Notification Date
May 17 – 19, 2024
Event Date


Winners Summer 2022

"Sibel's silence"
Director Aly Yeganeh
in Drama

Winners Fall 2021

Drama Feature (USA)

Director: Tzipi Trope

What makes us different?......

1.    Guaranteed distributor review by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (WWMPC.COM), Adler & Associates and Cardinal XD, for our select few"Best of Festival"  winners (Platinum Screenplay winners-reviewed by Polaris Pictures).

2.    The chance to thereby be included in one of the distributors buyer’s packets on the world film market

3.    A festival that is run as a live screening festival as well as virtual competition: We invest in getting distributor recognition for quality films to give them a life beyond a one-time festival showing. WWIFF will screen  Best of festival  award winners only. 

With us, when you get an official selection notification, it means your film, screenplay, novel, poem or photograph passed through the stringent acceptance process (By the selection judges), and now it's ready to go in front of the awarding judges. It doesn't mean your film is screening.

Once you receive an award notification, Best Of Festival winners will screen at our event  in Rehoboth  Beach, DE.

WWIFF, with WRPN.TV Entertainment Network, will also offer a unique OPTIONAL opportunity to show your film to a worldwide community of video fans from over 80 countries that filmmakers would not usually have access to as an optional online video exposure opportunity. This feature is available for "Best of Festival," "Best Of Show," "Outstanding Excellence," "Excellence," and even some "Exceptional Merit" winners.

4.    Our founders are active Committee Members for the Universal Film and Festival Organization (UFFO.ORG), an U.K. based non-profit, founded to implement best business practices for festivals

5.    Any film that is rejected receives Free feedback.

6.    Free Earlybird entry of any rejected film, into WWIFF’s next season, upon completion of the suggested edits

7.    $35 flat fee for all Student Film Entries, regardless of deadline status

8.    Unique Category distinctions (Art-house Films, Alternate Media, LGBT, Webisode, Horror, Sci-fi, Tight Shorts, Loose Shorts, Dust Collector for pre-2009 films, and 13 others!)

9.    Opportunities for Sub-Category Awards (cinematography, score, original concept, direction, SFX, acting etc.) 

"A Lovely Loyal Dog"
Drama Feature (China)

Director: GAO YUXIN

Winners Fall 2021

Aqua Tofana
Writer Kate Lockwood
United States
Chana: A Shaman's Journey
Writer Jack Gunter
United States
The Strip Club
Writer Laura Wallgren
United States

Winners Fall 2021

Chana: A Shaman's Journey
Writer Jack Gunter
United States

Awards & Prizes

Guaranteed distributor review by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (WWMPC.COM), Adler & Associates and Cardinal XD, for our select few"Best of Festival" and "Best of Show ," winners (Gold Screenplay winners-reviewed by Polaris Pictures).

Opportunities for Sub-Category Awards include cinematography, score, original concept, direction, SFX, acting, writing, editing and many more!

WWIFF, in cooperation with our distribution colleagues, is proud to offer guaranteed distributor review to the top winners in these award levels in the Major categories*:

"Best of Festival Award: Presented to an outstanding entry from among the Best Of Show Winners in each production type."

"Best Of Show" selected by genre and domestic/foreign), so there will be more than one BOS, ie. BOS Documentary (Domestic), BOS Documentary (Foreign) and so on.

"Award of Outstanding Excellence"

*(Please note: If there is insufficient competition within any particular category, WWIFF reserves the right to withdraw a "Best Of" presentation in that particular category.)

Other award levels include:
"Award of Excellence"
"Award Of Exceptional Merit"
"Jury's Choice Award"
"Award Of Merit"
"Kudos Endeavor Award"